Pope Francis has a Busy Agenda set for 2020

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By Michelle Powers

Come the new year, the Holy Father has his eyes set on visiting several different countries – including one that would make him the first Pope to ever touch down in the nation – Montenegro.

The Holy Father’s visit will come on the heels of the country passing a religious freedom law that has sparked protests across the Balkan Republic.

On that journey, Francis will also likely visit the Island of Cyprus which hasn’t hosted a Pope since 2010.

During several general audiences, Francis has expressed his desire to visit two other countries struggling with war: Iraq and South Sudan.

Last year, Pope Francis made headlines when he kissed the feet of two opposing South Sudanese leaders at the Vatican.

He promised he’d visit the country, so long as the new government is honoring the peace agreement.

The Holy Father was also invited to Hungary, where there’s a chance he will beatify a cardinal who was imprisoned in the 1950s for speaking against the communist regime.

There could also be trips to Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea on the horizon.

Either way 2020 is bound to be another busy year for Pope Francis.