Pope Francis Comes Full Circle With Holy Thursday Mass in Prison

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Pope Francis is keeping busy this Holy Week, despite his recent stint in the hospital. 

He is back in full force and this year he’s coming full circle.

The Pontiff is returning to the first place he celebrated Holy Thursday Mass as Pope, a juvenile prison.

The choice may be a familiar one, because exactly 15 days into his pontificate back in 2013, Pope Francis had celebrated Holy Thursday the same way.

He washed the feet of 12 young prisoners at the Casal Del Marmo Juvenile Prison on the outskirts of Rome, where he will be tomorrow.

“This is a gesture that says: ‘I do not judge anyone. I try to serve everyone,’” The Pope said. “There is one who judges, but He is a somewhat strange judge because the Lord both judges and forgives.”

Pope Francis has celebrated Holy Thursday Mass in a prison several times throughout his papacy.

It’s a tradition he began as the bishop of Buenos Aires but had to pause for a couple of years because of the pandemic.