Pope Francis Accepts Resignation of Diocese of Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop Neil Tiedemann

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After nearly a half century as a priest, and about eight years as an auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of Brooklyn, Bishop Neil Tiedemann will enter retirement.

The Vatican announced that Pope Francis has accepted Bishop Tiedemann’s resignation, which he submitted when he turned 75 in March, as is required by Church law.

Bishop Tiedemann, a Brooklyn native, has been an auxiliary bishop in the diocese since 2016.

In 2020, he was named Episcopal Vicar of Brooklyn. He currently serves as pastor of St. Matthias Parish in Ridgewood, Queens, and he serves as the director of the diocese’s Ministry to Caribbean and Black Catholics.

Bishop Tiedemann said in a statement that he’s been blessed to serve the Diocese of Brooklyn.

“Throughout my priesthood, I have been blessed and I am so grateful. I thank Bishops [Nicholas] DiMarzio and [Robert] Brennan for their kindness, support, and encouragement,” Bishop Tiedemann said. “Of my 48 years as a priest I have spent 21 of them here in the Brooklyn diocese. I am thankful to my brother priests for their friendship, but most importantly, I have been blessed by the wonderful people of our diocese,” he continued. “They make you the priest that you are because they encourage and strengthen you, and teach you so much about life.”

Bishop Brennan thanked Bishop Tiedemann for his work in the diocese.

“I am grateful for Bishop Tiedemann’s many years of dedicated service here in Brooklyn and Queens,” he said in a statement. “Bishop Tiedemann has had extraordinary experience beyond the boundaries of our diocese and therefore was able to enrich us with his knowledge, passion, and dedication to the Church and all its people.”