Pope Addresses Sexual Abuse, Venezuela And A Lack Of Faith During Flight To Rome

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Currents News Staff

Pope Francis has arrived back to Rome. On his 12-hour flight back, Pope Francis spoke about many topics during his in-flight press conference with journalists, including the upcoming Summit on Sexual Abuse, the situation in Venezuela and reasons youth leave the Church.

In anticipation of next month’s upcoming Summit on Sexual Abuse, Pope Francis spoke aboard the papal plane, saying many bishops don’t know how to fix situations of abuse. Thus, he said there were three steps he wants to instill in the them at the meeting.

“First, that they become aware of this. Second: that they know what must be done; the procedure.Let me say that I have perceived some inflated expectations. Expectations must be deflated, because the problem of abuse will continue. It is a human problem, but human everywhere,” said Francis.

Then, Pope Francis commented on Venezuela, after his statement on Sunday calling for a ‘just and peaceful solution’ to the political crisis.

“I thought about my words, I reflected a lot on them. I think that with this I expressed my closeness, what I feel. I suffer from what is happening in Venezuela at this time,” he said.

After drawing close to youth during the October Synod and this past week, he also reflected on the reasons young people leave the faith.

“There are many things, but the most general reason, I think, is first the lack of Christians witnesses: priests, bishops. I can’t speak about the popes because… but also them,” he added.

It was a 45-minute long meeting in which journalists saw the Pope visibly tired, but pleased at what he had experienced at WYD in Panama. Upon arriving back in Rome, the first stop Pope Francis made was at the Basilica of St. Mary Major, to thank the Blessed Mother for a safe and successful trip.