‘Pop-Art’ Nun Has First Solo Show in a Decade

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Currents News Staff

From now until June 22, pop-art fans can catch a glimpse of some well-known contemporary pieces from Sister Corita Kent in Manhattan.

Sister Corita Kent was born Frances Elizabeth Kent. When she was 18 she joined California’s Order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

While there she learned the art of printmaking. Her Catholic faith became her pop-art muse until her death.

A star in her own rite, her artwork from the 1960s through the 1980s now hangs in the same museums as artists like Andy Warhol – some right here in New York.

And this month, Sister Corita’s artwork is in its first New York Show in a decade.

“One of things that’s really interesting about Corita’s work is that she was really – even though she was making most of this work in Los Angeles – a lot of it does kind of have this relationship to the streets. So, it was really, you know, kind of about, a lot of it was by looking at the environment she was living in,” said Alex Fitzgerald, the Associate Director of the Andrew Kreps Gallery.