Pilgrims Join Bishop Robert Brennan on Subway Pilgrimage to Diocese of Brooklyn Eucharistic Revival

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By Jessica Easthope

Early Saturday morning, it was raining cats and dogs, but that wasn’t stopping anyone, including Bishop Robert Brennan, from riding the rails to the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Eucharistic Revival.

“I’m Looking forward to meeting all of our people; some of them are walking in from different directions,” said Bishop Brennan.” We’re going to be coming from all over today.”

The NYPD’s Transit Bureau and MTA officials pulled out all the stops so the bishop could fulfill a promise of his priesthood – meeting people where they are.

“That’s what we’re about; that’s what the Lord himself did, right? I want us to be renewed in our union with each other as a family of God and feeling rejuvenated in our faith, in our belief in Jesus present among us, in the Eucharist,” he said.

The bishop hopped on the 7 train at Court Square in Long Island City, and right there with him were several groups of primarily Spanish-speaking pilgrims. One of them, Patricio Balencia, a parishioner at St. Bartholomew’s in Elmhurst, says representation at the Eucharistic Revival makes him proud to be a Catholic.

“Thank you, Bishop, and thank you to the Diocese because they’re trying to unite all the communities and all the cultures, and that’s good for us, for everybody,” Patricio said.

The pilgrimage was one of two happening on Saturday. As one group filled the subway with songs of Christ’s love, other groups walked to Louis Armstrong Stadium.

Spiritual Commute: Riding the 7 Train With Bishop Brennan to the Eucharistic Revival

Santa Salomon, a parishioner at St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church in Bushwick, couldn’t stop smiling, knowing a day of joy and worship awaited her at the end of the line. The truth of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist is hers to live out.

“We have to believe it; it is real. And just being part of this just makes everything more, more real and true to me,” she said.

Once the train arrived, Bishop Brennan led the crowd toward their final stop, merging with the groups of pilgrims who walked from their parishes. Then, he greeted all those in line as they waited anxiously to enter the Eucharistic Revival.

Their pilgrimage was complete.

“And yet a new day begins,” Bishop Brennan said as he entered the Eucharistic Revival. “We start our celebration.”