Piano Player For Peace: Musician Plays Songs for Refugees Crossing Into Poland

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 Currents News Staff

As the world’s newest war refugees step into Poland from Ukraine, they arrive to an unexpected sound: a man at the Medyka border crossing who is playing his heart out just for them.

“I’m just trying to welcome all the refugees,” said Davide Martello, “and I know that all those people that hear bombing, guns, shooting cannons and whatever.”

Davide traveled from Germany.

“The peace is starting right here,” he said.

A piano man for peace.

“I have a trailer,” Davide said. “And I just drove like 17 hours straight. I turned the music very loud, so they can hear me everywhere. That is my purpose.”

He has one message: “Peace through music.”

The message is received. 

In Ukraine, this is just another stop on the piano man’s peace tour. He shares all the places he visited to play his music in public.

“Taksim Square 2014 and Ukraine too, Donetsk, Afghanistan with the Army. Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo’s,” Davide said.

In 2020, after the police murder of George Floyd, Davide was there, with his piano, healing hearts at George Floyd Square.

“Music is the perfect medium to restore peace,” Davide said. 

Nearly two years later and 5,000 miles away, Davide plays for the newly heartbroken in Medyka, Poland. His next stop? Lviv, Ukraine.