Papal Honors Bestowed Upon 57 Members of the Diocese of Brooklyn

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By Emily Drooby

For over 35 years, Dr. Elizabeth Lutas has cared for the homeless as a physician.

Of why she does it, she said, “I try to spend as much time as I can with them because I want to show them that I do love them and God is with us all.”

On Saturday, her dedication was recognized at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Dr. Lutas was one of 57 people from the Diocese of Brooklyn to have a Papal Honor bestowed upon them.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio is proud of those who were selected.

“We are really blessed in our diocese with people who are really extraordinary and give so much time and devotion to the life of the church. So that’s what the Holy Father has honored,” said Bishop DiMarzio.

A huge honor, given by Pope Francis and the Vatican, based off suggestions made by Bishop DiMarzio.

The honorees are people who give much of their time and self to others. Delores Casey is one of them. For over a decade she has been working hard to make Monsignor Bernard Quinn a saint.

“But nothing good happens right away. You know, you have to work for it, pray for it,” Casey said. adding, “I was not aware that I would be selected for this because whatever I did, I did out of the love of my heart.”

Helping others out of love is also how honoree Mother Celine Vadukkoot, of the Little Sisters of the Poor, lives her life. As the Mother Superior of the Queen of Peace Residence, she is deeply dedicated to caring for the elderly.

Mother Vadukkoot said, “It’s a great privilege. We ask the Diocese of Brooklyn, all people of God to pray for us, that we will always remain faithful to the charism of our mother founder, God bless you all.”

Some honorees have also given so much of themselves to serve the dioceses. Deacon Jorge Gonzalez is one of them. He oversees every detail of each permanent deacon’s five-year journey.

Deacon Gonzalez said, “It’s a feeling that I cannot express, it’s an honor, it’s a blessing.”

Ed Wilkinson was also honored. He spent almost five decades as a crucial member of The Tablet team. He explained, this award came at the perfect time.

“I’m retiring on Monday and receiving this award today, so it’s kind of just like a nice ending to my career. So I’m really excited about it and very grateful to the Bishop for nominating me,” said Wilkinson.