Our Lady of Sorrows Shows Off STEM Skills at Catholic Schools Week Invention Convention

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By Jessica Easthope

Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Deo Reyes – you might not know that last one yet – but Deo hopes one day his name will be said among the greats.

“I think this is the best invention I’ve made so far so it was a really big accomplishment for me,” he said.”

But for now, he’s a seventh grader at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Academy and he’s showing off his latest invention the “spinge.”

“I was always trying to clean the inside of bottles and containers and I thought for the invention convention why don’t I make something that can help me solve this problem,” said Deo.

The “spinge” is one of more than 120 useful inventions made by the fourth through eighth grade students as a part of Catholic Schools Week.

“To see them so enthusiastic doing something like this as an educator it brings so much joy to my heart, learning has to be fun, learning has to be hands on, it has to be reality, so if they can’t take what they’re learning and bring it into their everyday world what good is it,” said principal Francis Serpico.

Mr. Serpico used to be the school’s science teacher. STEM, which is science, technology, engineering and math, is a diocese wide priority. According to the super intendent’s office, every single diocese school offers some kind of specialized STEM program or extracurricular activity.

“STEM is worked into Catholic education because it really incorporates everything, the science, the math, the English, art, religion because of our Catholic identity, it brings the idea that all of the academics are put into one thought when you’re creating a project like this,” Serpico said.

The students have been working on their projects since December. Some are the kind of thing you can’t believe you didn’t think of first, like 5th grader Khloe Chavez’s invention the “tornado” an upgrade on an umbrella.

“It was a smart invention, when it’s raining you have it to cover your head but your clothes get wet so I thought if you put the plastic around it your clothes would stay more dryer,” said Khloe.

The inventions were judged and there were five winners from each grade, those top students were presented a certificate in front of the entire school and their parents.