Our Lady of Refuge Food Pantry Feeds Hundreds Ahead of Thanksgiving

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By Jessica Easthope

They made a promise to give back and on Tuesday they kept it. The Timothy Stackpole Foundation and firefighters from several houses across Brooklyn showed up with  hundreds of turkeys. Stackpole was a firefighter who died on September 11, 2001 and now his family carries on his legacy of service and faith.

“Timmy was very devoted to St. Francis, it is in giving that we receive, I think this means more to us that it does to the people, it helps us to give back,” said Stackpole’s wife, Tara.

“Timmy’s grandpa Timmy said the greatest high you can get in life is helping other people and that’s the spirit we try to carry on right? Yes, that’s right,” said Lt. Patrick Nash, vice president of the Timothy Stackpole Foundation.

According to No Kid Hungry, a national campaign working to end hunger and poverty, one-third of Brooklynites are food insecure. The food pantry’s weekly operation feeds nearly 400 people, but ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, the need soared right along with the inflation that’s stopping people from picking up their turkeys in a store.

“It’s been rough between the pandemic and trying to get back on our feet it’s been a blessing to be able to get some food considering the inflation that we’re facing,” said Melissa Wu.

Our Lady of Refuge promised that if all their turkeys and chickens run out no one would leave empty-handed.