Ohio Catholics Vow to Continue Abortion Fight After Special Election Defeat

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While the head of the Ohio Catholic Conference acknowledges the tall task ahead of defeating a pro-abortion amendment to the state’s constitution this fall, he doesn’t agree that the recent rejection of a measure that would have helped defeat the amendment means the battle is already lost.

“We certainly did not see it as a pure proxy vote,” Brian Hickey, executive director of the Ohio Catholic Conference, which represents the state’s bishops, told The Tablet. “We know our work is cut out for us to defeat the abortion amendment in November, but we don’t see it as an impossible task.”

On Aug. 8, more than three million Ohioans took to the polls to vote on Issue 1, a measure that essentially would have made it more difficult to change the state’s constitution by requiring a 60 percent supermajority threshold to pass future constitutional amendments, opposed to the current simple majority.

John Lavenburg, National Correspondent for the Tablet and Crux, joins Currents News to discuss the latest on the Ohio vote and what it all means.