Officially Saints: Paul VI and Archbishop Oscar Romero

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Currents News Staff

The Catholic Church has seven new saints. This Latin formula, pronounced by Pope Francis, raised to the altars Paul VI, Archbishop Oscar Romero, nuns Nazaria Ignacia and Maria Catalina Kasper, priests Francesco Spinelli and Vincenzo Romano; and the young layman Nunzio Sulprizio.

“We declare and define saints and inscribe them in the Book of Saints,” said The Holy Father.

In his homily the Pope reflected on the parable of the rich young man who refused to join Jesus. Pope Francis explained that not everything can be bought or is subject to the law of supply and demand.

To follow Christ, he said, something more is needed. “Come, do not stand still, because it is not enough not to do evil in order to be with Jesus. Follow me, do not walk behind Jesus only when you want to, but seek him out every day; do not be content to keep the commandments, to give a little alms and say a few prayers.”

Pope Francis recalled that it is necessary to leave space in the heart for God instead of having it filled with other things. “For this reason, wealth is dangerous and – says Jesus – even makes one’s salvation difficult. Not because God is stern, no! The problem is on our part: our having too much, our wanting too much suffocates our hearts and makes us incapable of loving. Our heart is like a magnet: it lets itself be attracted by love, but it can cling to one master only and it must choose: either it will love God or it will love the world’s treasure; either it will live for love or it will live for itself.”

The Pope invited all to pray for the grace to free oneself from the securities of the world and to trust fully in Jesus. “Without a leap forward in love, our life and our Church become sick from ‘complacency and self-indulgence.’ We find joy in some fleeting pleasure, we close ourselves off in useless gossip, we settle into the monotony of a Christian life without momentum, where a little narcissism covers over the sadness of remaining unfulfilled.”

Finally, he assured that lightening the heart of goods makes it freer to love God and transmit joy. Just as these new seven saints did.