NYCHA Repairs Gompers Houses Resident’s Kitchen After Currents News Coverage

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By Jessica Easthope

The everyday racket of a kitchen are sounds this NYCHA resident has been praying for.

“I felt like it was amazing. It took a lot of stress off I was able to put things in order, I just think it’s long overdue but I appreciate the help,” she said.

For more than a year and a half this woman, a mother of two who doesn’t want to be identified didn’t have any cabinets to slam or drawers to put things in – until Currents News covered the story. We met while doing a story about conditions in New York City public housing and how so many people are living in squalor.

“There was something – it just felt right, and I’m glad I did let you in,” the woman said, explaining she let faith guide her that day.

We found out she had submitted countless work order tickets to NYCHA, but the agency told her they lost them.

“Within 24 hours of your visit I had my kitchen sink back, so I am overjoyed, I am very grateful,” she said.

Overjoyed, but she said deep down she’s underwhelmed and frustrated it took publicity to get NYCHA moving.

“If you guys would have never came, I’d still be waiting,” she said.

It’s only a small win. The cockroach infestation in her apartment is getting worse by the day and her bathroom is crumbling around her. But now she says she’s advocating for herself and even for others.

“I’m going to continue to talk to my neighbors and tell them, being quiet isn’t helping you it’s only helping them,” she said.

NYCHA said it’s coming back on August 11 to fix the other issues. She loves her new kitchen, but what she loves even more is her new voice.