NYC Mayor Unveils Plan to Reopen Schools in the Fall With Segmented Schedules

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Currents News Staff

“Let me be clear, New York City students will be learning five days a week whether it’s in person or at home,” said Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza.

The city’s public schools will open in the fall, but the classrooms won’t be full. Carranza joined Mayor Bill de Blasio to announce the plan.

“We know that we cannot maintain proper physical distancing and have 100 percent of our students in school buildings five days a week,” Carranza added.

The result will be blended learning. 

“Blended learning simply means at some points in the week you’re learning in person in the classroom at other points in the week you’re learning remotely,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“We’re gonna have to figure out more in terms of childcare, this is something we’re gonna be building as we go along.”

The mayor acknowledged that some families may choose remote learning. As for those in the classroom, masks will be required. The Department of Education will provide hand sanitizer and the buildings will be disinfected every night.

“Our buildings will be deep-cleaned on a nightly basis with electro-static disinfectant sprayers and HVAC systems are being upgraded as we speak to ensure better ventilation in all of our schools,” Carranza said.

The plan has to be approved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who says a decision will be made at the beginning of August. Meanwhile, President Trump is urging all schools to reopen fully. But if COVID cases increase or there’s a vaccine, things could change.

“Now I know this sounds like a lot to take in and it is,” Carranza said. “Let me tell you, it’s been the same for all of us as we’ve grappled with these tough choices.”