Notre Dame Expected to Reopen in 2024

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Restoring an icon is no easy matter.

Just ask the crews that have worked tirelessly and meticulously to restore Notre Dame, after a devastating fire destroyed much of the famous cathedral.

Fortunately, the hard work is paying off as it prepares to reopen next year. 

It’s been four years since the spire of Notre Dame came crashing through the cathedral roof as flames engulfed the building. 

The shock and dismay of the events have now turned to confidence that the spire and the cathedral will rise again and soon, according to General Jean-Louis Georgelin, the French Army General put in charge of the cathedral’s restoration by President Emmanuel Macron.

“The presidents say we will rebuild this cathedral in five years, is the words from the head of the state of France,” Georgelin said. “And the reputation of France is at stake.”