Non Incardinated Priests From Around the World Meet in the Diocese of Brooklyn

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Priestly fathers from near and far met in the Diocese of Brooklyn on Thursday, May 2, for a day of prayer and discussion.

The non-incardinated priests are clergy from all over the world, such as Argentina and Romania, who serve parishes across Brooklyn and Queens but are not part of the diocese.

The 70 men, representing the non-incardinated priests, gathered at the Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston for a crucial meeting. The aim was to ensure their paperwork was in order and to stay informed about the latest developments across Brooklyn and Queens.

The meeting also provided a platform for the priests to share their unique experiences of working in the diocese, which is home to a vibrant immigrant community.

The Diocese of Brooklyn currently has priests from 25 different countries serving parishioners.

The three top countries the clergy hail from include Nigeria, Haiti, and Ghana.