New York State Lawmakers Push to End Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Pandemic Emergency Powers

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By Jessica Easthope

The calls are continuing from lawmakers across the state and the aisle, saying Gov. Cuomo shouldn’t be this powerful.

“Cuomo stated nursing homes were told that they were to accept COVID+ nursing home patients “if they could.” The 3/25 directive does not have “if they could language,” Democratic Senator Alessandra Biaggi tweeted.

“We must repeal Cuomo’s legal immunity for nursing home executives now,” tweeted State Assemblyman Ron Kim.  “No more excuses.”

This comes after a scathing report by the state Attorney General that the Cuomo Administration underreported nursing home deaths due to COVID-19, something the governor has adamantly denied.

“New York State DOH has always fully and publicly reported all COVID deaths in nursing homes and hospitals,” the governor said.

Nearly a year ago when New York began to experience an unprecedented health crisis, the state legislature passed a bill lawmakers thought would help oust the deadly virus. But buried in the bill was a part that allowed Gov. Cuomo to suspend, modify and create laws by issuing directives and executive orders.

Now, a year later, the governor has issued more than 230 executive orders and directives. One that mandated nursing homes to take in COVID-positive patients, resulted in the deaths of more than 15,000 nursing home residents across the state.

“I’ve called for the governor to resign at this point,” said Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis. “This is inexcusable. I mean they purposely mislead the public and then they had a cover up.”

And amid this backlash – another blow to the Cuomo Administration: allegations of sexual assault and harassment by former aide Lindsey Boylan. Gov. Cuomo has denied any inappropriate behavior took place, but now the White House is weighing in.

“When a person comes forward, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. “Their voice should be heard, not silenced. And any allegations should be reviewed.”

New York’s state of emergency expires Friday, but the governor can renew it indefinitely. Currents News reached out to the governor’s office about the call to repeal his emergency powers but our request hasn’t been answered.