New Yorkers March On Albany For The Right To Life

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By Emily Drooby

Jack Thimons is only nine years old, but he’s already standing up for the lives of the unborn through his website Convert Cuomo, inspired by the governor’s push for the so-called Reproductive Health Act.

Jack is Catholic, and the site he built with his father asks for prayers.

“Governor Cuomo passed a really bad law,” Jack said. “I got really frustrated and I really wanted to do something about it.”

“Building the site and seeing what has come of it already, it’s just incredible to see how many people have sacrificed and prayed for conversion of Governor Cuomo,” Jack’s father Thomas Thimons said of the website.

“I think it’s just going to continue.”

Jack, Thomas and the rest of their family attended the New York March for Life in Albany, where pro-life activists marched in the capital and sent a strong message to the state’s politicians.

People descended on Albany from all over the state, including Denise Collins who came all the way from the Immaculate Heart of Mary church in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

“One person makes a big difference, and I wanted to be part of the crowd, part of the count,” she said.

“Especially in New York State, it’s important to show up and to stand up to legislation that is antithetical to the pro-life mission, antithetical to our own humanitarian values, that life has value, and the R.H.A. is definitely in direct violation of that,” said Kate Maloney, a member of the organization ‘Students for Life.’

Richard Barnes of the New York State Catholic Conference explained that events like the march help remind politicians that they represent people who are pro-life.   

“Sometimes they take a vote and they walk away from an issue,” he said.

“We want them to understand that people in their communities are very concerned about this issue, and their people are going to continue to talk.”