‘New York Encounter’ Conference Draws Thousands, Including Pope’s U.S. Ambassador

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By Tim Harfmann

The “New York Encounter” conference was a three-day gathering of dialogue and fellowship in order to bring people closer to Christ.

The event drew thousands of people of all ages, including Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the Holy Father’s U.S. ambassador.

“This event is a gathering of people who are looking for the truth, who are looking for God,” Archbishop Pierre said.

A memorial Mass was celebrated Feb. 16 in honor of Father Luigi Giussani, who founded the international movement ‘Communion and Liberation.’

The group sponsored the ‘New York Encounter’ at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion, which featured exhibits, panel discusses and testimonies.

“It’s like a reunion every time I come,” said Julia Bolzon, who attended the annual event the past five years. “[It’s] something very inspiring: all the different talks, the witnesses.”

“What they say, what they leave, their witness is good for the Church,” added Archbishop Pierre. “It has been good for me. It has helped me in my own life, and I think it could be good for others.”

Pope Francis even sent a letter with his best wishes to those in attendance.

“My wish is that all events in the Church may be great moments for some people to discover, you know, ‘who is Christ, the son of God?’ and to become his disciples,” said Archbishop Pierre.

The ‘New York Encounter’ conference is one way of making the archbishop’s wish come true.