New York Bishops Heading to Meet the Pope

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By Emily Drooby

One of the most important moments for any Bishop is meeting with the Pope.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio met with the Holy Father back in 2018 and will be meeting with him again next week.

Bishop DiMarzio, the other Bishops of Brooklyn and those from across New York State will report to the Holy Father during a trip that starts on Monday.

The bishops, including Auxiliary Bishop Raymond Chappetto, say they’re excited to meet Francis.

“This will be the highlight of the trip for all of us,” said Bishop Chappetto.

The big meeting is a chance for the New Yorkers to give the Holy Father a rundown on the latest developments in their churches.

Bishop DiMarzio explains, “…the report, when you read it yourself you recognize things have changed over time where we could do better or where we have done better so it’s kind of a self-evaluation.”

Usually bishops from around the world meet with the Pope every five years, but New York’s bishops haven’t been to Rome as a group since 2011.

Already, other American bishops from the Boston Archdiocese and other parts of New England are at the Vatican, meeting today with Francis. Besides seeing the Holy Father, the US bishops will also meet with other Vatican officials.

“We are actually going to present the documents for Monsignor Bernard Quinn that will be reviewed by the Vatican commission for saints. We are happy that we will be able to actually bring them in person,” explained Bishop Chappetto.

While in Rome, the bishops will also celebrate four special masses.

“We also will go to the four basilicas where we celebrate mass together. That’s one of the obligations,” said Bishop DiMarzio.

In addition to reporting to the Holy Father, the mission to Rome is also about learning and being inspired.

Auxiliary Bishop James Massa of the Diocese of Brooklyn said, “He may offer us some insights that come from other countries and other local churches around the United States.”

The trip is a way to grow, to self-evaluate, and to connect the local and universal church together.