New York Archdiocese Publishes List of Credible Accused Clergy

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By Currents News Staff

On April 26, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan released the names of credibly accused clergy associated with sexually abusing a minor.

There are 120 names on the list. None are currently in active ministry.

The move comes as many other dioceses across the country have released similar lists. Cardinal Timothy Dolan announced the news on his Facebook page and in an online pastoral letter to the family of the New York archdiocese.

“After hearing from many of you, including many victim-survivors,” he wrote, “I have decided today to publish a comprehensive list of archdiocesan clergy who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor or who were the subject of a claim, found to be eligible for compensation, made to the archdiocese’s independent reconciliation and compensation program.”

“Please be assured there is not a single priest or deacon of the Archdiocese of New York against whom there has been a credible and substantiated claim of abuse against a minor currently in ministry.”

The archdiocese also put out a chart of the years of ordination for clergy who were credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor. The peaks occurred in the nineteen-fifties and sixties with about five-dozen ordinations.

A second graph shows the years in which alleged sexual abuse of a minor by archdiocesan clergy occurred. Those numbers were largest in the nineteen-seventies, eighties and nineties.

The Cardinal’s entire pastoral letter is available to read at

The clergy list is at

Several months ago, on February 15, the Diocese of Brooklyn released a list of clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse against minors.

The total of 108 names spanned the 166-year history of the diocese.

Most of the accused are deceased.

The Diocese of Brooklyn’s website now has a special section where people can go to get all the information in one place.

It includes the Clergy list, as well as videos and resources.

Go to and on the home page, click on “Clergy abuse crisis response.”

The Brooklyn Diocese also has a toll free and confidential abuse reporting line.

That number is 888-634-4499.