New Learning Space: St. Brigid-St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Academy Renovates Classrooms

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by Katie Vasquez
The third graders at St. Brigid-St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Academy started the school year walking into a brand new classroom.
Student Kimberly Torres said, “it was super nice.” Another student, Leah Adorno, said, “The classroom is very pretty that I liked that they added detail.”
In August, the room looked completely different. Current News visited the classroom as it was getting new floors and the walls were being painted.
Principal Israel Rodriguez says he wanted it redone because school is more than just learning, it’s creating an environment where kids feel cared for.
“The kids need to come into a classroom where they feel loved. and you feel loved in details, in the wall being painted, in the floor being nice and clean,” said Rodriguez.
It’s a message the parents of the Bushwick school understood. They organized a bingo night and gala to fund the repairs, raising more than $18,000 which their pastor, Father Carlos Velasquez, matched.
Their first classroom was redone over Easter break and then during the summer, the 3rd graders got their new room.
But Mr. Rodriguez wants to do even more.
“If the parents see the results, their hard work with 2 renovated classes, I’m sure come this year they will be more generous. they see their kids are using it,” said Rodriguez.
He expects to update two to three more classrooms by the end of this school year.