New Jersey Family Travels to Help Texas After Winter Storm

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By Jessica Easthope

Their last moments together as a family are precious. Kisha Pinnock, her husband Andrew Mitchell and brother Isaiah were in Texas for eight days giving up their time and money to help after the storm.

“At any moment the tables could have turned and it could have been me in New Jersey who needed help,” said Kisha.

Now after a quick two days back home in New Jersey, they’re headed down to Texas again, this time for two weeks and without Kisha and Andrew’s two-year-old son, Blake.

“We’re going back with a plan with a mission with goals that we need to set and with a strategic vision so that we can get this Texas problem taken care of,” said Andrew.

Kisha, Andrew and Isaiah saw firsthand the damage done by a surge of winter weather that pummeled the state with snow and ice, leaving people in desperation.

“Some people have to repair their ceiling so people have to repair the floors have to rip up the carpet and throw out their entire furniture in the living room,” Kisha said.

Andrew got his plumber’s license days before the storm hit. With pipe’s bursting, homes flooding and freezing, he saw the call for help on Facebook and in a moment’s notice they packed and drove down to Texas without stopping. In less than 24 hours they were ready to work.

They took every and any job they could, charging people only what they could afford – even when the task at hand seemed impossible.

“We were in crawlspaces where people were insulating their pipes with newspaper we seen some plumbing that was so poorly done that the people actually had waste from the toilet and stuff like that just dump underneath their house,” Isaiah said.

Building a community in need back up was always the goal.

“The one cornerstone thing I know about faith is that it’s all love, and to just be able to extend love and compassion to people it’s just what gets me going,” said Isaiah.

Now Kisha, an attorney and St. John’s graduate, Isaiah a Seton Hall student and Andrew a fully licensed plumber are starting the Pinnock-Mitchell Texas Relief Foundation.

“Sometimes God uses you to bless other people and I definitely think that He is using us,” said Kisha.

They already have their work cut out for them, and they won’t stop until everyone in need is taken care of.