New Jersey Church to Plant 500 Trees for Arbor Day’s Call to Action

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A New Jersey church is not just observing Arbor Day, but actively participating in a call to action, demonstrating their commitment to the care of our common earth.

These evergreen trees are the newest additions at St. Teresa of Avila Cemetery in Summit, New Jersey.

The staff there said Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change, Laudato Si, compelled them to start a tree-planting initiative in 2021.

Their goal is to plant 500 new trees around the 18-acre grounds.

The pastor, Monsignor Robert Meyer, and Chief of Staff, Karen Imbach, have witnessed firsthand how the effects of their tree-planting initiative have spread throughout the church community, reinforcing their commitment to the cause.

“The earth is a gift to us from God, and all of us are called to take care of it not only for ourselves but for the next generations,” Msgr. Meyer said.

“When people visit the cemetery, they’re not always in a perfect state of mind, so we try to make the experience something that they walk away from with positivity,” Imbach said.

St. Teresa has already made significant progress, planting 200 trees, and they are not stopping there. They have a long-term vision, aiming to plant another 100 trees in the next three years, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable environmental practices.