New Gun Control Plan in the Senate May Face a Tough Road Ahead

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Currents News Staff

Senators who support the new bipartisan framework for gun safety legislation say they’re hopeful a bill created from it could pass. It addresses issues like mental health, school safety, and illegal gun purchases.

Ten Republican senators say they support it  – and that’s enough to override a filibuster.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is complimenting the negotiators. but, the gun control framework isn’t a bill yet. Delaware Senator Chris Coons helped negotiate the plan. He says language around gun shows might need extra attention, as well as straw purchases. Those are when a person illegally buys a firearm for someone else.

“There are provisions that will be tricky,” said Sen. Coons. “I am cautiously optimistic that we can get this passed out of the Senate in about the next two weeks before early July.”

Now, some gun control advocates are expressing cautious optimism.

“This is substantially more than we’ve seen in decades from Congress,” said Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg. “Is this everything I want? Definitely not, but it is something.”