New FBI Study Shows Victims of Active Shooter Situations Have Increased

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A gruesome finding from the FBI is shedding new light on active shootings in America. 

Casualties are on the rise, after findings showed that over 300 people were either killed or hurt in 2022, but that’s not the only disturbing information being made public. 

A new report from the bureau, shows the number of casualties from active shooter situations in the U.S. was the highest in 2022, more than it had been in five years.

“It’s something that we’ve struggled with now for years,” Stephen Gutowski, Founder of ‘The Reload’ Firearms Policy Publication, said. “We’ve seen an increase in these sorts of attacks over the last decade or more.”

The shootings that were recorded last year were not dominated by AR-15s or other rifles.

The report also showed that 61 of the total firearms used by active shooters, 29 were handguns, 26 were rifles, three were shotguns, and three firearms are classified as “unknown”.

Washington State tightened its laws on Tuesday, banning the sale of most assault-style weapons, and enacting a 10-day waiting period and training requirements for all gun purchases.

“These weapons of war of assault weapons have no reason, other than mass murder,” Gov. Jay Inslee said.