New Deacons Ordained In The Brooklyn Diocese

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By Emily Drooby

Saturday was one of the best days of Andrzej Lewandowski’s life because it was the day he became a deacon.

He said, “I am very happy and I am ready to serve God and to serve the Church”

Lewandowski said he couldn’t have done it without the support of his daughters and Maria, his wife of 37 years, who stood at his side every step of the way, even being there during his training.

Maria said, “People should know the faith very deep and we got that.”

Andrzej’s daughter, Dorota said, “Seeing his hard work and seeing the smile on his face at the alter it’s unbelievable. My dad finally accomplished a really big dream.”

His daughter Gosia added, “It was incredibly amazing, because my dad was beaming, and therefore we saw this light.”

Brooklyn’s Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio ordained 18 men as permanent deacons, they will serve the Church forever as deacons. He also ordained one man as a transitional deacon, he’s preparing for the priesthood.

The Bishop said he’s thrilled to see so many ordained, “It’s really such a great day for the Diocese…People still believe in the Church they have confidence, they want to serve the Church they want to serve God’s people, it’s a real shot in the arm.”

This class of deacons will also help provide wonderful diversity, like Anwar Iqbal who is originally from Pakistan.

Iqbal said, “I feel so happy because for the last 25 years there was not any deacon from Pakistani community here in New York.”

Deacons are clergy who can perform sacraments like weddings, baptisms and funerals. They can also proclaim the gospel and preach at Mass.

With their family and friends looking on in admiration, the deacons promised life-long obedience to the Church. Prostrating themselves and praying for guidance.

Following the ordination, the deacons received word on their parish assignments.

Francis Cuffie is excited to be going to Holy Cross in Flatbush, “I feel the power of God in my life, and I am ready to go, to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth”

With the Church behind them, God in their hearts and family by their sides, these deacons are now ready to serve the Catholics living in Brooklyn and Queens.