New Congress Begins With Most Diverse Class In History

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Currents News Staff

The 116th Congress is in session and its members are already breaking barriers.

This freshman class is the most racially diverse in the history of Congress and there are more women serving than ever before.

Nancy Pelosi now holds the third-highest position in government.

“Let me be clear, House Democrats are down with NDP Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi,” said Rep Hakeem Jeffries from New York.

Elected as the 63rd Speaker Of The House she’s the first person in more than six decades to return to the speakership since Sam Rayburn in 1955.

“I’m particularly proud to be a woman speaker of the house of this congress which marks the 100th year of women having the right to vote,” said Pelosi.

The powerful position doesn’t come without its challenges. Washington is now faced with divided government with republicans ruling the Senate and democrats taking control of the house.

“We are now entering a period of divided government, but that is no excuse for gridlock or inaction,” said Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Pelosi plans to go toe-to-toe with President Trump in the middle of a partial government shutdown spanning almost two weeks.

The battle is over funding for a wall at the southern border. Democrats are expected to vote tonight on proposals to reopen the government.

But the President doesn’t support those measures because they don’t include $5 billion for a border wall.

Senate republicans say they won’t vote on anything until it gets the President’s seal of approval.