Netanyahu Visits Oman For First Time In Over 20 Years

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Currents News Staff

The biggest sign of warming relations between Israel and the Arab states is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Oman where he met the Omani Sultan. But that is certainly not the only sign of tectonic shifts here in the Middle East.

On Friday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an unannounced visit to Oman for the first time in more than 20 years. Afterwards, Oman’s foreign minister said Israel should be treated like a state.

Netanyahu called the trip historic.

“This visit comes against the background of diplomatic efforts that I have been promoting in recent years vis-a-vis the Arab countries. There will be more,” said Netanyahu.

The warming relations are driven by a mutual struggle against Iran.

Netanyahu has been perhaps the most vocal critic of the Iran nuclear deal, lauding President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the accord. Netanyahu has quietly had the backing of the gulf Arab states.