NET-TV Rolling Out New Graphics for Daily Masses

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by Katie Vasquez

Every day, 4 times a day,  NET-TV broadcasts masses to homes across Brooklyn and Queens, and an integral part of bringing that celebration to your screen, is the dedicated production team who make it happen. 

“For people who are homebound and they’re not able to leave their homes, we definitely would like to bring more of the mass to them,” said DeSales Media Group Production Producer, Marilyn Arreaga. 

But for the first time in a decade, that daily mass is going to look different. 

Starting on February 20, the graphics broadcasted on the screen telling you about the readings or the responsorial psalms will be brand new.

DeSales Media Group director of programming and production, Dominic Ambrosio, and Production producer Marilyn Arreaga have been working on the new look since the fall.

“We’re coming up a little bit more current in our look and our feel and the colors, specifically trying to stay a little bit neutral because we want to respect the vestments and the colors of seasons,” said Ambrosio. 

But the graphics go beyond looks,  they’re also functional. 

Viewers can scan a universal QR code, and follow along with the mass at home.  

“Will take people to the net tv website and from there they can pick either english or spanish readings, and from there it’ll take them to the usccb where they will obtain the readings of psalms, the gospels, um, to follow along in the masses, because it’s just a good thing for them to be participating in the mass more,” said Arreaga. 

The project falls in line with the mission of NET-TV’s parent company, DeSales Media Group, to walk along folks in their journey of faith. 

While Dominic and Marilyn stress there is no substitute for attending mass in person, they hope it will also physically bring people back to the pews. 

“It’s very important just so people can follow the liturgy of the word for that day. so when the priest is speaking regarding his gospel, they can take in the information more and just follow along,” said Arreaga. 

“Are we reintroducing the mass to them, those folks who have kind of fallen away from attending mass by live streaming? maybe, I don’t know. but in our small way, we’re trying to make some kind of impact in their lives, and that’s our job,” said Ambrosio.

This is just the beginning, the team is also looking at ways to guide viewers with music and make the experience more tangible.