Nearly 2,000 Migrants Live in ‘Tent City’ as U.S. Border Agents Prepare for Huge Increase

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Currents News Staff

Families are running to see if they can get on the bus. Why? They are desperate to get out of this tent city. But they’re told they can only get on the bus and go to the shelter.

Nearly 2,000 migrants who have been expelled after trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border now live in this giant tent city in Reynosa, Mexico.

They’re all waiting for Title 42 to be dropped so that they can again attempt to cross and ask for asylum. They come from Central America: Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador,  but also Haiti, Brazil, Venezuela, and beyond.

A record number of migrants are crossing the border and now border patrol and other agents are preparing for a huge increase once Title 42 is dropped just next month.