National Eucharistic Congress: Leaders Give More Details On Big Event

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Leaders of the nationwide Eucharistic Revival campaign have given more of a preview of its main event, the National Eucharistic Congress.

The event will happen in July of next year in Indianapolis. Officials say more than 25,000 people have already registered. 

Each day there will be a large Mass, with plenty of opportunities for confession and a place for perpetual adoration. 

A massive eucharistic procession will also happen during the congress, but the route is still being determined. 

For more info and updates on the eucharistic revival and that congress just go to

A diocesan-wide event for the revival is coming up soon, bringing Catholics from all over Brooklyn and Queens to Maimonides Park on October 7th.

The whole stadium will be filled with the faithful for family catechesis, a eucharistic procession and a Mass. 

For information on that event checkout at and search eucharistic revival. 

From there you can register to receive important updates for this special day for the whole family.