National Eucharistic Congress Leader Expects Variety of Speakers at the Event, Including a Papal Delegate

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The National Eucharistic Revival has gained the support of Pope Francis. 

He has shown his support for the revival when he met with the leaders of the campaign recently, including Tim Glemkowski, the executive director of the National Eucharistic Congress to be held next summer.

Glemkowski sat down with Currents News’ Katie Vasquez to talk more about the event and what Catholics can expect to see.

For more information and updates on the Eucharistic Revival and the National Eucharistic Congress, check out Eucharisticrevival.Org.

Catholics in Brooklyn and Queens are preparing for their very own diocesan-wide revival event on Oct. 7 at Maimonides Park.

The whole stadium will be filled with the faithful for family catechesis, a Eucharistic procession and a Mass. 

If you want to go, you can register at and search Eucharistic Revival. 

You can register to receive important updates for this special day for the whole family.