Nataly Castillo is 1 of the More Than 300 New Catholics in the Diocese of Brooklyn

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The Diocese of Brooklyn welcomed 381 newcomers who now call the Catholic Church in Brooklyn and Queens home. 

It became official at the Easter Vigil but really, it was months in the making. 

For Nataly Castillo, the journey home has lasted a lifetime and it’s only just begun.

Castillo was baptized at Holy Name of Jesus in Windsor Terrace Saturday night, after she randomly visited the church more than a year ago. 

Whenever Castillo feels anxious or stressed she comes to Prospect Park to take a long walk.

“I always come to walk in the park, I love it here. It brings me a lot of peace,” Castillo said.

One day last fall Nataly’s feet were leading her somewhere different. 

She found herself at the church and all the signs were there that her life was about to change.

“I was just walking around that day and that was probably one of those decisions that led into one of the greatest things in my life,” Castillo said.