Nashville Residents Join in Rebuilding, Prayer After Vandals Damage City During Protests

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Currents News Staff

Nashville, Tennessee, residents are pitching in to clean up after vandals left their mark.

Volunteers aren’t only showing love for their city, but also for their police officers.

With nail polish remover and rubber gloves, Andrea Richardson hit the streets cleaning up graffiti and handing out water, wanting to send a message that the damage isn’t what she stands for.

“Simply just wanted to show that that’s not okay,” she explained. “We don’t support that. You can’t treat Nashville this way.”

She wasn’t alone. Gianna Grondona, who has lived in the city for about two years, said she loves Nashville, too.

I love living here and the last thing I want is to see graffiti on places. That I think are some of my favorites.” she said. 

She showed that love by also stopping to pray over police officers she met.

Some were almost moved to tears, and others gave handshakes and hugs.

“There’s transformation coming to our city and that’s going to start with us coming together as a family and as a unit,” said Andrea, “and that’s what we’re about. That’s what the protest is about.”

Andrea said May 30’s peaceful protest was a great show of solidarity, but wants there to be a lasting message.

“I want people to know that people who tried to hijack the protest from yesterday, you don’t get a chance to do that because this, our city, is going to defend itself,” she said, “and say, ‘This is our home, this is our city, this is our place.’