Music Returns to Salve Regina Catholic Academy

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by Katie Vasquez

Music filling the halls of Salve Regina Catholic Academy. 50 students from 3rd through 8th grade banding together and learning from a master maestro, a conductor with the Young People’s Chorus of New York City.

SOT: When we came here for the auditions, the students were really eager, they were very excited. they’re really talented so it’s really been a joy to get this program up and running.” said Caitlin Henning, the director of school programs at Young People’s Chorus of New York City.

The internationally recognized choir has competed and performed on high-profile stages all over the world. For the last 20 years, the YPC has also been bringing their music knowledge to schools across New York City, helping 1,400 students a year learn to read and sing sheet music and all at no cost to them.

“We subsidize about 60 to 65 percent of the total cost of the program and then the rest of the cost of the program can be covered by a school,” said Henning.

This year Salve Regina joins the chorus. For two months leading up to Christmas, the YPC will come to the East New York school as part of the program. It’s a godsend for Salve Regina and its former pastor, Father Brendan Buckley, who worked for years to bring music back to these halls.

“Apparently there hasn’t been a program here in decades so he said that he wanted something where the children could learn how to read music and not just sing,” said recruitment and mission development director at Salve Regina Catholic Academy, Iris Bodre.

The constant practice sparking joy and a song in the heart of the students.

“I love singing, dancing and music,” said Salve Regina Catholic Academy student, Valerie Palencia.

Taylor Beasley, Student

“When I heard about this program, I was happy and felt like I could sing all day long now,” said Salve Regina Catholic Academy student, Taylor Beasley.

The Salve Regina kids are working hard for a special Christmas show in a few weeks but they will have an even bigger event next June. They will perform at Lincoln Center with the other New York City schools involved in the program. That will be on Thursday, June 13th. It is free and open to the public. Just head to for more information.