‘Milwaukee Dancing Grannies’ Members Among Those Dead After Christmas Parade Tragedy

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Currents News Staff

Family and friends are in mourning after a man drove an SUV into the Christmas parade in Wuakesha, Wisconsin, Nov. 22. Among the grieving, are fans of a seniors group called the ‘Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, which lost three members.

It was a hard good-bye to 79-year-old Virginia Sorensen, 71-year-old Leanne Owens and 52-year-old Tamera Durant.

Sorensen was the choreographer of the group. Owens lead the charge in the front, and Durant was a new member.

The ‘Dancing Grannies’ are a crew of women who could sweep you off your toes and make your heart pump. The award-winning dancing team performed in several parades, Waukesha being one of their favorites.

They were prepared this past weekend to give an amazing show but it was abruptly cut short. While the rest of the grannies are in tears, people in the community are sending love and support their way.

They’re so well-known-children could spot them anywhere. One young parade attendee said the women were her favorite part of the parade.

“The dancing grannies,” said one young parade attendee.

When asked what it was about the Dancing Grannies that she liked, she had a quick response.

“Their moves,” the young girl said.

The group was formed in 1984 from what was originally a jazzercise group. To be a member, the only requirement is to be a grandmother.

In a Facebook post, the group said it’s devastated by their loss and said the women were doing what they loved: putting smiles on faces of all ages and filling them with joy and happiness.