Migrant Crisis: Exclusive Coverage on the Southern Border

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Currents News Staff

Arizona’s governor is sending 200 National Guard troops to the southern border. Governor Doug Ducey is declaring a state of emergency due to a surge of undocumented immigrants in federal custody.

Ducey says his state needs the protection and the Biden administration is not taking appropriate action. The troops will monitor surveillance systems and provide medical assistance for those at detention centers.

The Supreme Court seems unlikely to grant green cards to undocumented immigrants who were granted a temporary stay for humanitarian reasons.

They are looking into whether 400,000 foreign nationals from countries enduring national disasters or armed conflicts meet requirements for the cards.

Conservatives in the court voiced skepticism over migrants meeting requirements if they initially entered the country illegally.

Currents News has a reporter on the ground at the southern border. John Lavenburg, national correspondent for The Tablet and Crux, is in McAllen, Texas and joined Currents News to discuss the situation.