Migrant Caravan Continues

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Currents News Staff

They are still a thousand miles from the nearest border crossing with the united states but the slow advance of this migrant caravan through Mexico is already causing alarm bells in Washington to ring.

On Thursday, President Trump tweeted that the migrants should turn around and ordered 800 troops to help fortify the border.

Trump isn’t the first President to send the military to the border with Mexico, but his vitriol towards undocumented immigrants is unprecedented for a U.S. President in modern times. No matter what, they say, they will go on.

While some people have been ground down by the long march and gone home, the majority say they have no choice but to continue. The migrants’ pleas will probably fall on deaf ears in Washington.

The Trump administration is pressuring the Mexican government to act and stop the caravan. If they won’t, then U.S. officials, the administration says, will be on the border in force to stop them.

There doesn’t seem to be a compromise in the wings and every step the people in this caravan take, is a step closer to a reckoning.