Michigan Baptist Church Gives Away Free Gas For Buffalo Residents

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Currents News Staff

Free gas was given away at Mandela Market to the first 200 people equaling $10,000 in gas thanks to one Baptist church pastor and his ministry.

“I couldn’t not do anything,” Pastor Carlton Lynch.

He flew in over the weekend to support the Buffalo community after the Tops supermarket mass shooting.

“This has become a food desert since the tragedy,” said Pastor Carlton, “so I thought about bringing resources to the community.”

Volunteers pumped gas for each car that pulled up. Police stepped in to control the traffic as drivers lined up down Jefferson for hours – drivers like Davida Wright.

“It’s all right,” Davida said. “It’s all right, a little patience.”

Davida is now inspired to give back after the huge help to her wallet.

“It takes me another week where it’s not so financially strained,” she said.

Each car got forty dollars worth of gas. It helped those in important situations, like Victoria Buggs.

“It’s going to help me get my kids to school this week,” said Victoria.