Mexico Launching Commission in Deadly Attack

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Currents News Staff

A day after members of a Mormon family were gunned down in Mexico, authorities there say they have made an arrest.

“We are calling on our governments and our sovereign countries to help us and provide answers. these kinds of injustices and atrocities should never be,” said Lafe Langford, a family member of the attack victims.

The attorney-general for the neighboring state of Chihuahua didn’t disclose what the suspect’s involvement might have been, but says a newly-formed drug cartel could be behind the massacre.

“October of this year was the most violent month in modern Mexican history also, which means the level is rising not descending this is what the government is facing, said Jorge Castañeda Gutman.

The murder of three mothers and six children is just the latest horror in a region known for cartel violence.

The group was traveling in a caravan near their families’ ranch, just south of the U.S. border when their vehicles are riddled with gunfire, one catching fire.

Several children managed to escape, hiding in the bushes for hours.

“What they went through, what they experienced, we don’t have the capacity just to imagine what these children went through,” said Langford.

Those children are being treated at Arizona hospitals as the family grapples with what’s next.