Mexican “Trumpistas” Agree With U.S. President On Immigration

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Currents News Staff

Increased migration to Mexico is causing discontent among some Mexicans who call themselves “Trumpistas.”

And this is where things are starting to get complicated for the new Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. He had promised a more humanitarian policy for migrants and that’s being challenged now, not just by President Trump, but more Mexicans too.

Tere Vale is a Radio Formula journalist and host says its obvious the migrant influx is unsustainable.

“Now we see something like never before in Mexico: A president who is very docile when facing pressure from the United States, Mexico is between the sword and the wall,” said Vale.

President Trump claims his ultimatums are the reason Mexico is now apprehending more migrants on its southern border. 

The Mexican government counters that it has a long-term plan. 

“Mexico is being put under a lot of pressure. We’re being squeezed, exactly. It’s unfair to say that we are not trying to be part of the solution because I think that this administration has done a lot of the things that can be done to help this humanitarian crisis,” said Luz Maria de la Mora, the Mexican Undersecretary for Foreign Trade.

Mexico says it plans to make history of the caravans with economic development in southern Mexico and Central America. 

To do it though, it will need much help and patience, not just from the Trump administration, but Mexicans themselves.