Mayor of Rome: ‘The Jubilee is a Moment of Extraordinary Importance for the City’

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Rome is preparing for the Jubilee of 2025, an extraordinary event that brings a large increase in pilgrims to the Eternal City.

As a result, Roman authorities announced the first phase of the special plan that calls for an investment of almost 2 billion dollars to carry out 90 different projects.

“It is a moment of extraordinary importance that puts us as the Italian state and as the city of Rome in the condition of a great responsibility of having to favor support, help this event with all our commitment and all our strength,” said Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri.

Public transportation, both buses and metro, are undergoing improvement projects, and spaces around the Vatican will be renovated. As always for major occasions, exclusive spaces will be set aside for private buses carrying pilgrims from all over Italy and the world.

The Italian government expects the scheduled works to be completed on time. This will prevent any problems that may arise from mafia groups, which sometimes happen when the State allocates money to specific projects.

“For me, experience shows that the more the schedule is maintained, the less successful mafia-like organizations are in delaying, stopping or suspending our efforts,” said Undersecretary, Presidency of the Council of Ministers Alfredo Mantovano.

The Jubilee Years are a real test for the city of Rome as they bring more pilgrims than usual. The 2000 Jubilee saw an increase of 7.4% more tourists with a total of 25 million in one year.

More details about the plan for the 2025 Jubilee, including the security details, will be announced in the coming months. The 2016 Jubilee was marked by a strong police and military presence due to the threat of ISIS and radical group attacks throughout Europe.