Mayor Eric Adams Visits St. Brigid-St. Frances Catholic Academy and Emphasizes the Power of Prayer

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By Jessica Easthope

Mayor Eric Adams looked out onto an auditorium of Catholic school students and said he’s just like them – a kid born and raised in Brooklyn with big dreams.

“I remember watching the borough and the city and hoping one day I could do something that would make my mother proud of me,” Mayor Adams said.

During his visit to St. Brigid-St. Frances Catholic Academy in Bushwick, Mayor Adams celebrated the diversity of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn and left kids with the hope that they too could one day become a leader and make a difference.

“It made me want to do what he did, it was really inspirational,” said eighth grader Javier Hernandez.

But the mayor said the most important part of their Catholic education is learning how the power of prayer can shape their futures.

“When you pray you start to believe in what’s possible and not allow anything to prevent you from reaching your full potential or dreams. I still pray every day and every night,” he said.

“For our students to hear that the Mayor of New York City also prays I thought that was wonderful,” said principal Marcia Soria.

Mayor Adams’ visit comes a day after his meeting with President Joe Biden on how to combat the violent crime plaguing the streets of New York City.

“That means talk about violence and how we are not going to allow violence to be part of our lives,” said Mayor Adams.

Before leaving Mayor Adams said he hung out with some of the best Catholic school students the city has to offer.