Mass COVID Testing Takes Place in Beijing as Chinese Officials Struggle to Contain Outbreak

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Currents News Staff

China is attempting to tamp down a coronavirus outbreak. This week, one of the largest districts in Beijing, Chaoyang, is set to launch three round of mass testing for about three and a half million people.

“What the regime cares most about is cashing out its promises,” said Frank Tsai, founder and CEO of China Crossroads. “In this case, maintaining a very low case count.”

Meanwhile, in locked-down Shanghai, people who test positive are taken to government quarantine facilities.

“There’s nowhere for them to send me,” said American Josh Vaughn, “I’m not allowed to go into the hospital, and I have to stay here.”

Josh was taken to a pop-up tent near Shanghai hospital earlier this month.

“This is where I’m sleeping tonight,” he said.

The lockdowns and quarantines in Shanghai have sparked anger among many. Some expats have vented in chat rooms. One commented saying – ‘China used to really have it all. It’s just not the expat friendly place it used it be.”

“Because most of us have never experienced this sort of Draconian lockdown, it’s easy to support if you haven’t experienced it,” said Frank. “And if more of China experiences this in the coming months with rolling lockdowns across different cities, I expect the currently very high support for COVID Zero to drop.”