Currents News Sits Down With Mark Wahlberg on Role as a Catholic Priest

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Currents News Staff

If there’s anyone who could play both a rough-and-tumble boxer and a clean-cut priest in the same movie, it’s surely Mark Wahlberg. In his upcoming film, that’s exactly what Wahlberg does.

Coming to theaters next week, “Father Stu” is based on the true story of Father Stuart Long who is a former boxer with a promising career that was cut short due to health issues.

John Lavenburg, National Correspondent for The Tablet and Crux, sat down with Wahlberg to learn more about his thoughts on being Father Stu.

You can watch “Father Stu” in theaters starting next week on Wednesday, April 13. After that, it’ll become available for purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube and Vudu.