March for Life 2021 in D.C. Goes Virtual But Impact and Message Remains Strong

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By Emily Drooby

A limited number of pro-life advocates marched on Friday, Jan.29, in Washington D.C. because of the pandemic and security restrictions. However, hundreds of thousands across the country tuned into the 48th annual March for Life virtually.

“Although separated by physical distance, we are united by you,” said Archbishop Joseph Naumann Chairman, speaking about God while leading the kick-off prayer. He’s the chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities (USCCB).

Attendees heard stories like Florida Republican Rep. Kat Cammack. Her mother chose life after doctors urged her to abort, fearing the pregnancy could harm her health.

“She chose life, her bravery and courage in the face of this difficult decision led to my passion of standing up for the rights of the innocent and the unborn,” said Cammack. “Life is sacred.”

Christian Rada, the director of marriage, family formation, and respect life education at the Diocese of Brooklyn was one of those who joined virtually. To him, seeing the large amount of people tuned in virtually was powerful.

“I was there in a sense spiritually, with all of these people hearing this message of, that we are all pro-life,” he explained.

It’s a message that’s especially important in New York which is often called the abortion capital of America. The state sees more than 80,000 abortions with over 50,000 occuring in New York City alone. That’s according to the Susan B. Anthony List, a nonprofit that seeks to end abortion.

Pro-life advocates say that spreading the pro-life message nationally is crucial right now as the country has seen a recent change in power.

“We can still send a very powerful message to the White House as they begin the earliest days of their administration,” said Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life Education & Defense Fund. “Let’s tell them that every life matters, from the moment of conception.”

During the march, lawmaker, Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey spoke directly to President Joe Biden.

“Your words, that the dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer, are to have any true meaning, the lives of unborn children must be included and their precious lives must be protected,” said Smith.

The message from Rep. Smith and other speakers was clear: no matter who is in the White House, the fight for life must remain strong, loud and passionate.