Pro-Life Student Speaks Out After Professor Confronts Them at Hunter College

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Shellyne Rodriguez, The Hunter College Adjunct professor who harassed a pro-life student club on campus, has since been fired. 

But that didn’t happen right away.

Instead this teacher tantrum ended with the professor and a machete chasing down a reporter. 

Earlier this month “Students For Life,” an anti-abortion group, set up an information table inside the campus, when Rodriguez approached the students manning the table yelling at them and throwing their literature on the floor.

Hunter College said they were looking into the incident but the school had yet to fire her right away. 

Days later, the New York Post sent a reporter, Reuven Fenton, to Rodriguez’s home for her side of the story. 

When Fenton arrived, Rodriguez threatened him with a machete.

In a video she holds the machete to the reporter’s neck and says she is going to chop him up. 

After Fenton agrees to leave, Rodriguez proceeds to follow him and his cameraman outside in a black hoodie again threatening them with the machete.

Sidney Borland, a member for the college’s “Students For Life” club, speaks with Currents News to give her account of what happened when Rodriguez approached the group on the campus that day.