Louisville Shooting Victim’s Pastor Shares Details of Their Last Meeting Together, ‘I’ll Do Anything I Can For You’

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A community in mourning, that may never have its questions answered, is turning to faith for comfort after a loss of lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

Through prayer vigils across the city, Louisville is now turning to God.

One of the victims of the shooting, Joshua Barrick, 40, was Old National Bank’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Banking and attended Holy Trinity Parish.

The pastor there isn’t just offering comfort to Barrick’s family but also to a congregation wondering how this could have happened.

“They’re in shock. I’ve been with his wife. I’ve been with his children,” Father Shayne Duvall said. “I’ve been with his brother, and members of this community, and everyone is just kind of walking around in a fog. Like, did this just really happen today?”

The congregation at the church is now leaning heavily on their faith and each other.

After a shooting took the lives of four people at Old National Bank in the city, a fifth victim died from their injuries late Monday evening.

Details of the shooter, Connor Sturgeon, 25, are still emerging as police continue to search for a possible motive behind the shooting. 

Sturgeon, an employee of the bank reportedly knew he was going to be fired and wrote a note of his planned attack to his parents and a friend before heading into work on Monday. 

He opened fire while several employees were in a meeting and live streamed the attack, at least eight others were wounded, some critically. 

Sturgeon also shot at police, prompting officers to return fire and he was killed at the scene, according to authorities.

Police revealed that he purchased his weapon legally from a local dealership just one week ago. 

There is no word yet on the viewing or funeral arrangements for the five victims involved.