Headed to the Front Lines: Long Island Man Joins the Fight in Israel

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By Katie Vasquez

Jonathan and Alissa Nierenberg are very proud of their son Noah.

Noah Nierenberg, a 22-year-old Long Island native, has been to the Holy Land many times — and has helped to teach the Jewish faith to others.

But after his latest trip to the Holy Land, Noah didn’t come home and stay home like he always had. Instead he decided to join the fight.

“I couldn’t be outside of the land of Israel when we’re going through something like this,” Noah said.

Noah has previously served in the Israeli army and is now part of the Lone Soldier Program.

“Individuals who are outside of the land of Israel enlist in order to help their country,” Jonathan said of the program.

So far, Noah hasn’t been called to perform military duties, and while he couldn’t fully disclose everything he’s doing to help the war effort, his family did reveal Noah is trying to support his fellow soldiers.

“Teaching them Talmud and Bible studies in order to keep their spirits up,” Jonathan said. “He’s coordinating with us back here in terms of getting equipment out to the front.”

His parents are worried about their son fighting in a war.

“Of course we’re proud, we’re nervous, we’re frightened,” Alissa said.

They hope Noah’s service will lead to a brighter future.

“It’s a sensitive time in the world,” Noah said. “We need to believe in the brotherhood of man that we’re all under one God and everyone needs to keep each other in our hearts and our prayers.”